My Favourite Afterlight Filters

My Favourite Afterlight Filters

I love photographing with my iPhone 5S. It’s fast, it’s easy and in bright lighting, the results are fantastic. Plus, editing the aforementioned photo is convenient due to the plethora of editing apps I have (if you read my Vogue Spy Style article on the three photography apps that will change your life, you’d know the apps I mention are: VSCOcam, Afterlight and PicFX.) I turn to #Afterlight whenever I’m looking to edit my photos in a vintage style.

My favourite Afterlight filters are Coral (original collection) Captain (original collection) and Mulberry (seasons collection). Coral works on every single photo I’ve ever used it on – that’s how versatile the filter is. It adds a lovely soft golden tint to photos while reducing saturation a little. Captain adds a lot of exposure (brightness) and rose colouring, while Mulberry turns your highlights (ie the white parts in a photo) into a gorgeous creamy  gold. For a stunning vintage effect, simply combine one or more of the above filters to get a soft, yellow gold pastel effect.

The before/after photos below all show differing examples of how my favourite filters work, so do go ahead and give ’em a try if you’ve got Afterlight on your phone. It’s only AUD$0.99, and is available in the App Store – Simon Filip, the creator, has promised its arrival in the Android store later in 2014.

All photos taken with an iPhone 5/5S, edited with Afterlight
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canon camera and balloons
girl sitting under tree in summer

I applied ‘Coral’ twice, because the original photo is quite dark due to it being taken in the late afternoon, with the tree casting severe shadows on the model. Mulberry was then added to give that golden glow, and the finishing touch is a light leak in the right corner (available in Afterlight’s light leaks collection).

Sarah ellen robertson youtuber

You probably know who this is – Sarah Ellen, of ‘The girl with the funny talent’ Youtube fame. I had the chance to work with her when she modelled for Hello Molly Fashion. The original photo (left) was taken indoors in a studio with poor lighting. I applied Coral twice, Captain once, and finished off with a tilt shift blur in Instagram. Coral works very well on portraits, as it brings out the blonde of the model’s hair.

before after afterlight filters

This photo was taken indoors, beside a large window where ample sunlight streamed in. I used Coral once and was happy with the result.

lavender blooming in summer japan

I used Coral once and Mulberry once on the photo on the right, as well as adding Glacier (original collection) to bring the purple of the lavender, while maintaining the luscious greens and blues.

cherry blossoms auburn nsw

The right photo was taken around midday, with harsh sunlight. I used Coral once and Frost twice for that soft, dreamy and ethereal look. The blue of the sky is enhanced tremendously, and a pastel effect is achieved.

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  1. Eula Christine Telen Galleto
    February 20, 2014

    I learn a lot from your photography advise amanda..

    • Amanda Mabel
      March 1, 2014

      Hi Eula!
      You’re very welcome and the best of luck in your photography journey :)

  2. AKP Photography
    February 21, 2014

    Love it 😀 Cant waaait til afterlight is available for android 😀

    • Amanda Mabel
      March 1, 2014

      I hope it’ll come out soon too! I personally love Afterlight :)

  3. Tiffany Ingram
    February 22, 2014

    Love this post! I run my own photography website as well { }. I couldn’t find the three apps you mentioned in the post though in the App Store! :(

  4. Crystal Arvelo
    February 26, 2014

    I love this!

    DIY, Home Decor & Lifestyle

    • Amanda Mabel
      March 1, 2014

      Thanks Crystal! Glad you liked it!

  5. abbas jack
    June 9, 2014

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. However, you may have a look towards photo effect plus app that also allows you to add effect in your pictures

  6. Anne Abengana
    May 13, 2015

    AMAZING! (to describe all about your blog) thank you so much for sharing. I’m inspired and I learn a lot. #ILovePhotography ^_^

  7. Jordana Beechey
    January 3, 2016

    Your blog is truly inspirational! I took photography courses and all sorts and never learnt as much as this. Your blog is truly one to read!

    Please don’t let it end!

  8. Abby
    February 3, 2016

    I love Afterlight (though recently I have been using A Color Story instead) – my favorite filters are probably Captain and Mulberry!

  9. Kiezela quiz
    August 3, 2016

    Hi! Id really want to know what filter or app does maryleest in instagram use? Been trying all the filters in afterlight and vsco but still cannot achieve. Hope youd reply. Please. Thank you.