Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Way back in June I visited the Vogue offices for an exciting meeting: to be offered the opportunity to try out Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy S5 (you must have seen the advertisements – for the four times I’ve been at the airport the last two months, the giant billboards near Sydney’s Kingsford Smith airport scream “Built for Australia. The Galaxy S5.”) As you people all know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been an avid iPhone user for the past five years. However, after trying out the GS5, let’s just say my heart is torn between the two.

flower dome gardens by the bay

Top five things I really enjoy on the GS5: 

1) The 5.1 HD 1080p screen – it really makes online shopping, photography and Instagram browsing ten times more fun.

2) The 16 megapixel camera – specifically the sharpness, the exposure and the pixels. (More detail on this below)

3) The fingerprint scanner – it actually reads my thumbprint really well and I almost never have trouble unlocking my phone.

4) Increases productivity with widgets – I’ve installed a calendar, a To-Do list (any other Wunderlist users here?), a weather app and a gmail pop-up in order to keep up with my busy schedule.

5) Syncing with Google – photos can be uploaded to Dropbox instantly from my GS5 which saves time as I don’t have to manually plug my phone into my computer to transfer photos. Google Plus is so easy to use as well.

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rainbow rose macro closeup dewd

How to take good photos with the Samsung Galaxy S5

1) For all food and macro shots (like the one above), use “Selective Focus” mode which can be found by tapping the settings button in the top right hand corner of the camera app. Get as close up as possible and keep tapping in order to achieve perfect focus. If your hands shake perpetually (mine do sometimes!) turn on Image Stabilization to reduce motion blur. Things that look great in macro shots include: dewdrops on leaves, insects, miniature objects and nail polish.

2) For portraits and selfies, use “Beauty Face” mode which can be found under the Modes button beside the shutter button. I recommend a level setting of 2-3 to create a natural looking glow without looking like the photo has been edited. “Beauty Face” smoothens skin and eyebrows, enhancing make-up like blush and lipstick, and eliminates frizzy hair by softening.

3) For landscape shots, turn the phone sideways in order to achieve a majestic effect. There is the typical Panorama mode found on most smartphone cameras, but I personally feel that the large screen size is enough to capture a decent-sized landscape. To reduce the possibility of too much light in the photo, tap to focus (remember: under-exposure is always better than over-exposure!) and then complete the shot by running it through Snapseed’s “Drama” filter.

university of sydney vscocam

gardens by the bay singapore supertrees east coast park singapore coconut

All photos in this post taken with a Samsung Galaxy S5 and edited with Snapseed + VSCOcam.

This Samsung Galaxy S5 review is sponsored by Samsung but all views are my own.

For a tutorial on how I edit my mobile photos, click here. 

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