Best VSCOcam Filters 2014

Best VSCOcam Filters 2014

#VSCOcam is one of my top favourite apps for editing on my smartphone. It’s free on the App Store and Google Play with in-app purchases. As I’m the type of person who loves trying out new photography apps, I bought every single filter available in the VSCO store. However, if you’re struggling to decide which collection you should buy (and if you should even buy any at all), here are my top five favourite VSCOcam filters from 2014 (listed in descending order).

Tip #1: To find the filters you use regularly fast every time you open VSCOcam, simply go to settings>preset preferences and drag your favourite filters to the top. That way, you can conveniently access your most-liked filters without having to scroll.

Tip #2: To get clear and sharp landscapes, read my step-by-step tutorial here.

Tip #3: Layer multiple filters to obtain interesting effects – about 2 filters per photo are my standard. Do ensure that you don’t use so many filters that the photo ends up destroyed!

1. #05 from the Legacy Collection 

For people who’ve used the first version of VSCOcam that came with filters #01 to #10, this will bring back fond memories. Back then, my favourite filter was #05, and when they re-released the original filters (aptly renamed as the Legacy Collection) I instantly had to purchase it. #05 shines in its versatility in making almost every photo look good – be it portraits, food or still life photos. It’s my go-to filter for 80% of all my photos taken with my iPhone.

miranda kerr voguevscocam before after

2. F2 (F Series) from the Limited Edition Collection 

F2 is similar to #05 in its versatility in being able to work on a wide range of photo types. It enhances the blue hues of a photo, while adding a glossy coat. I love using F2 on photos which have blue skies in them due to its ability to make the blue look so good. F2 also works a treat on minimalistic photos which need basic enhancing (it’s like a bluer, brighter version of #05).

vogue online shopping night

vscocam best filter

3. S3 (S Series) from the Limited Edition Collection 

Clean, bright and sharp, S2 is a definite must-have for any food photos or underlit photos as it provides a much-needed injection of light and vibrancy into any photo. I love using it as a base filter to brighten up underexposed photos before adding another filter on top.

laduree macarons

miss vogue australia

4. M5 (M Series) from the Limited Edition Collection 

M5 has this peaceful effect on a photo that soothes even the most brazen colours. I particularly enjoy using M5 on photos that appear over-saturated or too harsh to the eye as M5 provides a de-saturating effect with minimalistic brown tones. It’s an earthy, toned down effect that looks great on hair and skin as well. To use most effectively, I find layering M5 on top of an already filtered photo creates a gorgeously colourful yet peaceful tone.

vscocam filters

vogue australia

5. E8 (E Series) from the Essence/Archetype Collection 

This is the newest filter I’ve fallen in love with due to its film emulation effect. The tricky thing about E8 is that it looks awful on certain photos but absolutely gorgeous on others – it might be a bit of a hit and miss trying it out as it won’t work for every photo. I’ve discovered that portraits in harsh lighting like the one of Renee below and well-lit food photos work beautifully with E8 so far, creating a glossy, filmy effect reminiscent of Polaroid days. Even on objects which lack detail in harsh sunlight such as the MK Selma Satchel in the second photo, E8 creates an illuminating gloss that makes the stark black pop.

renee somerfield

michael kors selma

Do you use VSCOcam? What are your favourite filters? Let me know below in the comments!

All photos in this post taken with an iPhone 6 Plus and edited with #VSCOcam. 

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Items in this post include: MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Selma Satchel in black from Shopbop ll Frank body scrub ll Daniel Wellington watch ll Vogue Australia’s VOSN 2014 shirt by Bassike

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  1. febrikurniawan
    December 20, 2014

    ur pict always stunning amanda, and i really want to know what camera do you use for portarit and another photography, thankyou.

    • Amanda Mabel
      August 2, 2015

      I use a Canon 5D Mark III generally but for all photos in this post I used a iPhone 6+ or iPhone 5S :)`

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