Bastille Day Breakfast at Laduree Sydney

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Bastille Day Breakfast at Laduree Sydney

It was great fun to celebrate Bastille Day this year (my very first time doing so!) at Laduree Sydney thanks to Black Communications. I’ve been a fan of Laduree for a long time, ever since I first heard about them from my sister years ago, who was studying in Paris at the time. I was excited when they opened up their first branch in Sydney’s Westfield, and it was definitely worth waking up at 7am to attend the Bastille Day breakfast! A fun fact I learnt was that calorie consumption doesn’t count on Bastille Day, so you are encouraged to eat as much as you want – macarons especially (haha). The key highlight of the breakfast was the limited edition Marie Antoinette macaron: a Tiffany box coloured macaron that tastes like its tea counterpart; a mix of black teas, rose petals, honey and citrus. Eating it was like drinking the Marie Antoinette tea at the same time – yum! But my favourite was still the classic salted caramel macaron because that’s my go-to flavour. Many thanks to the patient Laduree Sydney staff who obligingly fulfilled all my odd requests, such as tiered stands, re-arranging the macarons (with gloves!) and boxing them up for flat lay purposes. The lengths I go to for photos…

All photos taken with a Canon 5D Mark III + 24-70 f2.8 lens, edited in Photoshop CS6. 

laduree sydney macarons laduree sydney macarons laduree sydney macaronsladuree sydney macarons

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1 Comment

  1. Joshua Greenwood
    August 9, 2015

    Loved this blog post! Such great photos :)