How To Take Flat Lay Pictures

How To Take Flat Lay Pictures

I decided that a tutorial on how to take flat lay photos would be my next blog post because I have so many people asking me the same question – “How do you take flat lay photos?”

I wrote this article on Vogue Australia that gave tips on how to take the perfect flat lay photo last year, and recently wrote another guide on how to style flat lay photos when taking them, which will be up on Vogue soon. They both have detailed explanations of how to take flat lay pictures, but I’ll sum it up in three steps here:

  1. Select your items to be photographed – remember that flat objects or objects that look flat from above are best. Some aesthetically pleasing flat items are sunglasses, shoes, perfume bottles, nail polish, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, phones, phone cases, flowers and print photographs. The list goes on!
  2. Arrange all the objects into a neat, square shape. Adhere to the lines on the floor if there are any. Heavy items must go in the corners.
  3. Stand on a chair (or tip toe) and ensure your camera is pointing straight down. Take multiple shots so you can select the best later on, as it is possible your hands might move and change the angle halfway through photographing.

Taking flat lays can be daunting if you haven’t done it before, but all you really need is a floor (or a flat surface), a chair (to stand on), and some pretty objects. Here are some flat lays I’ve done recently on the job:

DSW shoes flat layhow to take flat lay photoshow to take flat lay photoshow to take flat lay photosDSW shoes maison blanche candle flat lay

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