1. What cameras do you use?

When I started photography my very first camera was a Canon EOS 550D. I used this camera for all my photos between 2010-October 15, 2012. Right now I use a Canon 5D Mark III, along with a 50mm f1.4 lens and a 24-105mm f4L 24-70 f2.8L lens. For instant film, I mainly use a Fujifilm Instax 50S  Fujifilm Instax Share (it’s a huge time saver using the Instax Share to print photos out later over bringing the Instax out, but I still display my 50s on my shelf for the fond memories). For film, I use a Canon AE-1 Programme camera and occasionally a Holga for the fun of it.

All iPhone pictures before October 2014 were taken with an iPhone 4S or 5S and now I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus.

2. How do you edit your pictures / Please tell me how you got your photos to look like this!? 

I use Photoshop CS6, notably curve presets. Check out my free Photoshop presets, which are available for download here (actions) and here (curves). For iPhone snaps, my most used editing apps are VSCOcam (read my favourite filters here), PicFX (reviewed), Snapseed and Afterlight (reviewed).

3. I love your photography style! Can I hire you?

Sure! Just shoot me an email at info@amandamabel.com for a chat.

4. Where do you live and where are you from? 

I was born and bred in Singapore, moved to Perth in 2011, then moved to Sydney in 2012 for university, and right now I’m currently based in Sydney, though I occasionally travel back to Singapore.

5. What made you start photography?
I first got a DSLR as a birthday gift because I was into videography. On 29 November 2011, I started a 365 project because I thought I might as well learn the photographic functions of my camera. After that, I just became more immersed in photography and now it is a huge component of my life. (Actually practically my whole life)

6. Can I use your photo(s)? 
For official licensing, please email me here. Certain photos of mine can only be licensed through Getty Images. For interviews and features, just drop me an email to let me know!

Last updated 13 August 2017.


  1. Jenna
    January 24, 2016

    Hi. I’m looking to get a shoot done with a model and my new range of 8 dresses and 2 shirts – same style pics as my first range (www.theperfectworkdress.com). Can you please give me an indication of your pricing, including studio costs?


  2. Tom Swett
    April 27, 2016

    You have great style! Keep up your great work! Thanks!


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